[information] How to buy data file of cookie cutters

We sell STL data file of cookie cutters designed by Fiocco (cookie artist).
You will need a 3D printer to print the cookie cutters.

If you don’t have a 3D printer, buy a cookie cutter from the Etsy site.


How to buy data file of cookie cutter

Please send the necessary information from the application form.

・Please check the notes before purchasing.

・Data file price is cookie cutter price plus license fee[850Japanese Yen].
We will send you an estimate after your application.

・The size can be changed to 1.2 times the size. If you want 1.2 times size, please request it.[additional fee : 100Japanese Yen]

・Please select a product from the Etsy (SHOP) website and enter the name and number of the cookie cutter.

I will send the invoice via paypal.

We will bill you in Japanese Yen, so you will be responsible for the PayPal exchange fee.

I will send the STL data file by e-mail after confirming the payment.

Get the data file into your 3D printer and print.


・Resale of cookie cutter data file is prohibited.

・Cancellation after payment is not possible.

・The data file we sell in our shop are two-tiered, but if your 3D printer does not print well, please print a cookie cutter without a row. (Two types of data file will be sent)

・No refunds will be given if the print is not successful. Please make sure that the sample data can be printed with your 3D printer before purchasing.

・The printed cookie cutters are available for commercial use outside of Japan.

If you sell printed cookie cutters:

1. please indicate that they were designed by Fiocco and the Instagram URL (https://www.instagram.com/fiocco_cookies/)

2. Please set the selling price at the same price as the selling price on the Etsy site.

3. Please use photos taken by yourself when selling the cookie cutters.If you need reference images of decorated cookies, tag or mention Fiocco on Instagram or post a link.

4. Resize and design changes are prohibited.

Application form


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